Friday, October 26, 2012

10/29/2012 Spiders!! ICK! WARNING!!

Ok, so my least favorite creature would have to be spiders.  Especially if they are ON me.  EEK!  But I can watch them from afar, spinning their webs in the twilight in summer...that is what will inspire my mani.  I am hoping to re-create a freshly spun web...though it might turn out to be more like a morning-after web...

OK, so I drew my inspiration for these nails from this photo.

Uber creepy to see these but I actually found them kinda pretty.  The reddish color I find quite attractive.  I had a bit of Arachnophobia as I was trying to find a good photo though...uggh!

Ok, so it was in the end, a fail...

I removed the "eyes" because they never dried.  They stayed putty like for over 2 hours.  So I scraped it off, literally, and repainted it.  This one below is my official entry.  I call in Spiderwoman.  :D    (I might try the spider eyes again, but not right now.)

SO, I turned a fail into something really pretty.  Kinda looks like a jelly sandwich, doesn't it?  That brazilian nail polish I got in my last big purchase has a really great glitter jelly base.  Guessing you will see more of this top coat in future entries.  It adds just the right amount of sparkle like sunlight is hitting the strands.

Come back tomorrow to see what else I can pull out of thin air!

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  1. I like both of them!! The inspiration for the top one is definitely creepy, and it sucks they never dried! And the second ones are super cute!